Good Vibe



Long-standing Enhanced duo BRKLYN return to the label with the next injection of their feel-good brand of uplifting, energetic productions. Teaming up with recent label upstart Zack Martino - this is 'Good Vibe'.

Joining together with New York's Zack Martino proves a masterstroke for the BRKLYN boys in a production that combines BRKLYN's melodic touch with Zack's gritty undertones that results in a merging of styles cascading with an effervescent, typically Enhanced spirit.

Two of the US scene's regulars on the club circuit & recent stars of the 10 Years of Enhanced tour get together here with the brilliant 'Good Vibe'.

Artist: BRKLYN & Zack Martino

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 7th September 2018

  1. BRKLYN & Zack Martino - Good Vibe (Original Mix)
  2. BRKLYN & Zack Martino - Good Vibe (Extended Mix)

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Good Vibe