Six Degrees



Bringing their established production styles to Enhanced Progressive for the first time - talented Brit Rolo Green's label debut coincides with the Canadian & Enhanced-regular Dezza's first Enhanced Progressive foray.

The two producers have both cornered an impressive, distinctive area of Progressive within their respective styles, with collaborations starting to come together in recent weeks. 'Six Degrees' sees the duo's next release in an encompassing, engrossing display of building synth layers, chunky bass & seamless soundscapes.

Oozing Rolo Green & Dezza's individual approaches, 'Six Degrees' brings the next impressive collaboration from the duo to a fitting home at Enhanced Progressive.

Artist: Rolo Green & Dezza

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 14th September 2018

  1. Rolo Green & Dezza - Six Degrees (Original Mix)
  2. Rolo Green & Dezza - Six Degrees (Extended Mix)

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Six Degrees