Verde / Anahi



British producer Boxer brings his polished, experimental sound back onto Colorize with a 2-track EP showcasing the consistent talent's balanced & creative style with 'Verde / Anahi'.

Opening with 'Verde', Boxer's atmospheric prowess shines through in a deep, moody House anthem filled with subtle tribal influences & drawing on dark Techno elements to craft a truly unique, Boxer masterpiece set for the dancefloor.

Closing with 'Anahi' Boxer's tribal flavour on the EP continues, combining with bouncy pads & chugging Progressive melodies, 'Anahi' delivers an alternative side to Boxer's sound with an expertly balanced, engrossing closer to the EP.

Back on Colorize with a vengeance, Boxer returns with the fantastic 'Verde / Anahi'.

Artist: Boxer

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 31st August 2018

  1. Boxer - Verde (Original Mix)
  2. Boxer - Anahi (Original Mix)
  3. Boxer - Verde (Extended Mix)
  4. Boxer - Anahi (Extended Mix)

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