Dark Woods / Echo / Ghost Stories



A producer who's recent spate of releases has earned him legendary status amongst the Progressive scene's loyal thanks to a steadily exceptional range of outstanding, forward-thinking releases, Matt Fax is back with his newest EP offering.

As is to be expected with modern Matt Fax releases, the Frenchman's latest collection offers a truly engrossing journey into the endlessly pleasing youngster's atmospheric & driving sound. Kicking off with the explosion that is 'Dark Woods', Fax delivers a sensationally crisp piece of dynamic, building melodies, and trademark atmospheric layering around classic, nostalgic Trance leads.

Next up is the unique 'Echo' where prowess is shown in abundance - here's a flowing, melodic & breath-takingly inventive progressive builder, with addictive break-beat intricacies, acting as a perfect bridge in this EP.

Finally 'Ghost Stories' brings a euphoric anthem to close things off. Filled with traditional Matt Fax piano surrounded by effortless chords & atmospheres, 'Ghost Stories' delivers a aptly anthemic finale to the Frenchman's latest body of work.

There's no stopping Matt Fax right now.

Artist: Matt Fax

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 24th August 2018

  1. Matt Fax - Dark Woods (Original Mix)
  2. Matt Fax - Echo (Original Mix)
  3. Matt Fax - Ghost Stories (Original Mix)
  4. Matt Fax - Dark Woods (Extended Mix)
  5. Matt Fax - Echo (Extended Mix)
  6. Matt Fax - Ghost Stories (Extended Mix)

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