Terra / Odyssey



Ukrainian producer Sense8 brings his luscious, warm sound back onto Colorize after the storming success of his debut EP last year, he's back with 'Terra / Odyssey'.

Opening with the sweetly building soundscapes of 'Terra', Sense8's warm approach delivers another bonafide Colorize hit. Elegant rolling piano leads combine with chunky bass to form a masterful melodic addition to Sense8's Colorize library.

Next up, 'Odyssey' delivers a similarly melodic number coupled with a deeper touch to play on Sense8's ever-present ability. Both warm and delicately grooving, 'Odyssey' provides another sensational Sense8 journey.

A follow-up EP from one of the label's brightest newcomers in 2017, Sense8 is finally back with 'Terra / Odyssey'.

Artist: Sense8

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 15th June 2018

  1. Sense8 - Terra (Original Mix)
  2. Sense8 - Odyssey (Original Mix)
  3. Sense8 - Terra (Extended Mix)
  4. Sense8 - Odyssey (Extended Mix)

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