Through The Haze / Soundwalker



Russian mainstay Clameres returns back on Colorize with a sublime new EP showcasing the long-standing label producer's deep, atmospheric sound in 'Through The Haze / Soundwalker'.

Opening his latest EP with 'Through The Haze', recognisable as a Clameres production immediately thanks to its sweeping atmospheric builds & driving melodic edge, the opener of Clameres' latest body of work on Colorize brings a glistening, grooving production.

'Soundwalker' steps up next with a more experimental direction, incorporating instrumental elements and a cosmic, ethereal tone, 'Soundwalker' delves into Clameres' ear for the unique in a truly encapsulating production. Tying up the EP, 'Soundwalker' sees a more familiar 4/4 take with the Deep Mix, retaining the Original's Trance-like feel, Clameres' Deep take brings on a more chunky, rolling edit that neatly brings the Russian's latest Colorize offering to a close.

Artist: Clameres

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 1st June 2018

  1. Clameres - Through The Haze (Original Mix)
  2. Clameres - Soundwalker (Original Mix)
  3. Clameres - Soundwalker (Deep Mix)
  4. Clameres - Through The Haze (Extended Mix)
  5. Clameres - Soundwalker (Extended Mix)
  6. Clameres - Soundwalker (Extended Deep Mix)

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