Stadium One



Two Enhanced Progressive producers who have forged their own very unique paths thanks to elegant productions join forces in a Enhanced Progressive label first - Steve Brian & Emme team-up in the epic 'Stadium One'.

Both lauded producers in their own right, Steve Brian's melodic prowess coupled with Emme's invigorating energy build a formidable anthem in 'Stadium One'. Perhaps taking people off-guard initially thanks to its rough bass notes and harsh pads, 'Stadium One' builds into a truly euphoric Progressive whirlwind showcasing Steve & Emme's growing status as two producers firmly in the ascension.

Artist: Steve Brian & Emme

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 20th April 2018

  1. Steve Brian & Emme - Stadium One (Original Mix)
  2. Steve Brian & Emme - Stadium One (Extended Mix)

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Stadium One