Stay The Same



Australian producer Thomas Hayes bursts back onto Enhanced in his first new production of 2018. Alongside Nomra & with Raphaella on vocals, Thomas Hayes' infectious melodic sound returns in the energetic anthem 'Stay The Same'.

One of Enhanced's longest-running producers, Thomas Hayes' chord-heavy sound makes its welcome return in the instantly recognisable plucks & builds of 'Stay The Same'. After their success in previous Enhanced single 'We Can Be Beautiful', Nomra makes a return here whilst Raphaella's invigorating vocals match Thomas Hayes' anthemic energy.

Another bonafide hit entering the Thomas Hayes repertoire, following the likes of 'Neon', 'Golden' and the aforementioned 'We Can be Beautiful', we're excited to bring the Aussie back with Nomra in 'Stay The Same'.

Artist: Thomas Hayes & Nomra feat. Raphaella

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 27th April 2018

  1. Thomas Hayes & Nomra feat. Raphaella - Stay The Same (Extended Mix)

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Stay The Same