Continuum, Outsides, Warped



A name consistently associated with Colorize, talented South American producer Andre Sobota returns to the label with his most complete offering on the label yet in the sublime 3-track EP 'Continuum, Outsides, Warped'.

Opening with the magical, melodic 'Continuum', Andre Sobota's layered style grows around an engrossing, atmospheric opener to the EP filled with rolling chords, sparkling FX & an overwhelming sense of grandeur.

Next up 'Outsides' brings an equally atmospheric production whilst introducing deeper bass in a more 4/4 format, 'Outsides' continues in an uplifting tone & displays Andre Sobota's infectious sound in a truly impressive instrument-lead masterpiece.

Closing the EP with the reflective sounds of 'Warped', Andre Sobota's latest offering on Colorize delivers an uplifting, atmospheric & equally club-ready mixture of the Brazilian's unique sound.

Artist: André Sobota

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 30th March 2018

  1. André Sobota - Continuum (Original Mix)
  2. André Sobota - Continuum (Extended Mix)
  3. André Sobota - Outsides (Original Mix)
  4. André Sobota - Outsides (Extended Mix)
  5. André Sobota - Warped (Original Mix)
  6. André Sobota - Warped (Extended Mix)

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