Feel Again



A producer on an impressive roll of late, Andrew Benson is back on Colorize in a grooving new vocal collaboration with Elle Vee in 'Feel Again'.

Immediately recognisable as an Andrew Benson production thanks to its cascading atmospheres, delving bass line and smooth, chugging energy. Elle Vee's stunning vocals add a delicate, soothing sprinkling on top while Andrew's exceptional production touches seamlessly blend into an overall accomplished release from the Russian.

Yet another bonafide anthem enters the Colorize catalogue thanks to Andrew Benson in 'Feel Again'.

Artist: Andrew Benson feat. Elle Vee

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 16th March 2018

  1. Andrew Benson feat. Elle Vee - Feel Again (Radio Edit)
  2. Andrew Benson feat. Elle Vee - Feel Again (Extended Mix)

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Feel Again