Enhanced Miami 2018



There's no better signifier that we've reached the end of those long Winter months than the arrival of the annual Miami Music Week - as the world's Dance authorities descend on Miami's crystal clear skies & beaches, Enhanced Music has been diligently curating this year's definitive collection of feel-good anthems - 'Enhanced Miami 2018' has arrived...

Bringing an exceptionally varied collection picked straight from a bustling Enhanced catalogue, 'Enhanced Miami 2018' delivers a host of recent hits from the likes of; Tritonal, Dropgun, BRKLYN, Sj, Jenaux, Arcando, Disco Fries, APEK, Noah Neiman, Shanahan, BEAUZ & Medii and so many more.

Including sun-kissed gems like Tritonal + Sj's dreamy hit 'Calabasas' and new Enhanced signee VENIICE's sensational vocal collab with DYSON 'Let Go', through to established hits from Steve Kroeger's recent viral hit 'Wasted' to Disco Fries & Daisy Guttridge's mesmerising anthem 'Starting Fires' whilst sprinkling an added oomph taken straight from Enhanced sister label Enhanced Progressive's recent 300th release celebrations courtesy of Steve Brian with a huge rework of the Audien classic 'The Reach'.

Enhanced Miami 2018 brings you the ultimate taste of one of the most important dates in the dance music calendar.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 16th March 2018

  1. Maxim Schunk x Raven & Kreyn feat. BISHØP - My Name (Original Mix)
  2. Tritonal & Sj - Calabasas (Original Mix)
  3. Noah Neiman - Push (Original Mix)
  4. Steve Kroeger - Wasted (Original Mix)
  5. Dropgun & Asketa feat Jessame - My Way (Original Mix)
  6. VENIICE feat. DYSON - Let Go (Original Mix)
  7. Tritonal - Call Me (Noah Neiman Remix)
  8. Sj - Flicker (Original Mix)
  9. BRKLYN feat. Lenachka - All Around The World (Original Mix)
  10. Audien - The Reach (Steve Brian Remix)
  11. JES, Joonas Hahmo & JS16 - The One (Original Mix)
  12. Lash - I'm Gonna Be There (Andy Bianchini Remix)
  13. 5ALVO & Lycii - Balance (Original Mix)
  14. Disco Fries feat. Jared Lee - Reckless (R-Low Remix)
  15. Shanahan feat. Arielle - We Got Love (Original Mix)
  16. Andrew Benson - Seduction (Original Mix)
  17. Jenaux & Bryce Fox - Sentiments (Original Mix)
  18. APEK feat. Stassi - Supernatural (Au5 Remix)
  19. Disco Fries feat. Daisy Guttridge - Starting Fires (Original Mix)
  20. Arcando feat. Jaki Nelson - Don't Say That (Original Mix)
  21. Noise Zoo - Monterosso (Original Mix)
  22. East & Atlas - Close Encounters (Original Mix)
  23. Ost & Meyer - Painter (Original Mix)
  24. BEAUZ & Medii feat. Lenii - Without You (Original Mix)
  25. Paul Arcane - Transcend (Original Mix)
  26. Various Artists - Enhanced Miami 2018 (Continuous Mix)

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