My Name



As one of the 90's most iconic releases, 'My Name' needs no introduction - flipping such a classic R&B anthem into a modern day Dance record bears a weighty burden, thankfully Enhanced debutants Maxim Schunk and Raven & Kreyn's take with the talented BISHØP on vocals delivers an undeniably infectious rework.

Bringing crisp, layered piano leads around taut pads & punchy percussion, 'My Name' is completely transformed into a rolling, dancefloor-ready anthem brimming with the iconic Original's rousing energy whilst injecting modern Dance characteristics, extracting a contagious dose of 90's nostalgia.

Artist: Maxim Schunk x Raven & Kreyn feat. BISHØP

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 16th February 2018

  1. Maxim Schunk x Raven & Kreyn feat. BISHØP - My Name (Extended Mix)

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