Tonight’s Enough / Without You



Introducing a new name to Enhanced, BEAUZ make their deserved debut alongside Enhanced up-and-comer Medii in an expansive, bass-heavy EP that showcases a powerful, intriguing new collaborative project.

Opening with 'Tonight’s Enough' & featuring Kiddo AI, BEAUZ & Medii’s harmonic coming-together of styles brings an infectious, atmospheric production brimming with impressive innovative touches.

Closing the EP with 'Without You' featuring Lenii on vocals, BEAUZ & Medii craft an uplifting, Trap-flavoured melodic masterpiece full of captivating bass notes & brilliantly crisp pads.

Showing off two of the scene’s most talented up-and-comers, BEAUZ & Medii deliver a knock-out debut with ‘Tonight’s Enough / Without You’.

Artist: BEAUZ x Medii

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 12th January 2018

  1. BEAUZ & Medii feat. Kiddo Al - Tonight’s Enough (Extended Mix)
  2. BEAUZ & Medii feat. Lenii - Without You (Extended Mix)

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Tonight’s Enough / Without You