Smoke & Fire (Remixes)



Cuebrick & KARRA's delectable recent single 'Smoke & Fire' saw the German/US team-up deliver one of 2017's most pleasing vocal singles - now back with four new exceptional Remixes...

Opening the release with a rousing Future House remix from Ost & Meyer & Stagerockers, 'Smoke & Fire' takes a club-centric turn, with flared basslines & huge chord leads building around KARRA's delicate vocals to open up the Remixes with a club banger.

Next up Dutch melodic mastermind Jochen Miller delivers his unique brand of anthemic, melodic Big Room - destined for the mainstages, whilst Ken Loi's entry brings a delicately balanced piece of modern cross-over Dance to shed a light on KARRA's versatile lyrics.

Closing the EP with a brilliant experimental Big Room version, Loudgarden bring a slowly building peak-time anthem to close 'Smoke & Fire's triumphant return.

Artist: Cuebrick feat. KARRA

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 11th December 2017

  1. Cuebrick feat. KARRA - Smoke & Fire (Ost & Meyer & Stage Rockers Remix)
  2. Cuebrick feat. KARRA - Smoke & Fire (Jochen Miller Remix)
  3. Cuebrick feat. KARRA - Smoke & Fire (Ken Loi Remix)
  4. Cuebrick feat. KARRA - Smoke & Fire (Loudgarden Remix)

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Smoke & Fire (Remixes)


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