Colorize - Best Of 2017, Mixed By Dezza



As another exceptional year for Colorize draws to a close, one of its most exciting new talents Dezza delivers a sensational look-back on some of the label's biggest releases in 2017, this is 'Colorize - Best of 2017, Mixed by Dezza'...

Stepping up his own label output with a host of new productions, Dezza's year mix includes some of the Canadian's own hits such as 'Are You Gone', 'AC35' & 'Her Eyes' whilst picking out a diverse selection of other label favourites from the likes of; Matt Fax, Andrew Benson, Diversion, Estiva, Boxer, Sebastian Weikum, Weepee, Clameres, Universal Solution & more - Colorize's closing release of the 2017 sees Dezza's crisp selections exploring Colorize's beloved approach to all things Progressive.

With a smattering of tracks from one of the label's standouts & milestone releases in Matt Fax's debut artist album, Dezza's expertly crafted 'Colorize - Best of 2017' has arrived.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 29th December 2017

  1. Dezza - Are You Gone (Original Mix)
  2. Andy Forbes - In Search Of Eternal Happiness (Original Mix)
  3. Andrew Benson & Diversion - Rift (Original Mix)
  4. Marsh & Jesse Bullitt - Rise (Original Mix)
  5. Matt Fax feat. Tania Zygar - Everything (Original Mix)
  6. Dezza - Her Eyes (Original Mix)
  7. Dezza - AC35 (Original Mix)
  8. Estiva - Space Dust (Original Mix)
  9. Orbion - Futurism (Original Mix)
  10. Sense8 - Tokyo Time (Original Mix)
  11. Boxer - Vista (Original Mix)
  12. Diversion - Momentum (Original Mix)
  13. Sebastian Weikum - Feel Me (Original Mix)
  14. Clameres - Airwalk (Original Mix)
  15. Matt Fax - Aura Lusia (Original Mix)
  16. Andrew Benson feat. Fynn - I Can't Stop It (Original Mix)
  17. Weepee - Solar (Original Mix)
  18. Universal Solution - Miramar (Original Mix)
  19. Matt Fax - Amnesiac (Original Mix)
  20. Corderoy - Empty Chair (Original Mix)
  21. Mangal Suvarnan feat. Dhanusha Gokul - The Wait (Original Mix)
  22. Matt Fax - Landside (Original Mix)
  23. Various Artists - Colorize - Best Of 2017 (Continuous DJ Mix)

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