Airwalk / Cosmology / Fossare



Russian atmospheric mastermind Clameres returns to his spiritual home on Colorize with an entrancing new EP 'Airwalk / Cosmology / Fossare'.

Opening in typically Clameres fashion, 'Airwalk' delivers an engrossing journey through attentive FX, chunky chords & crisp pads to deliver a piece of exceptional minimal, experimental House.

Next up 'Cosmology' continues Clameres' spaced out approach with a chugging, bassline-centric production. Combining with growling pads & sparkling FX touches, 'Cosmology' keeps Clameres' new EP to a low, moody affair.

Closing the EP with the proggy 'Fossare', Clameres completes another outstanding journey into the atmospheric & experimental on Colorize.

Artist: Clameres

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 8th December 2017

  1. Clameres - Airwalk (Extended Mix)
  2. Clameres - Airwalk (Radio Edit)
  3. Clameres - Cosmology (Extended Mix)
  4. Clameres - Cosmology (Radio Edit)
  5. Clameres - Fossare (Extended Mix)
  6. Clameres - Fossare (Radio Edit)

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