Looking For / Her Eyes / Piazza



Canadian Progressive talent Dezza makes a welcome return to Colorize in an expansive new three-track EP showcasing his distinct, layered sound with 'Looking For / Her Eyes / Piazza'.

One of Colorize's most consistent names, Dezza's next outing on the label opens with the effortlessly smooth 'Looking For', chock full with vocal chops & edits surrounded by a engrossing, warm foundation, Dezza opens his latest EP on Colorize with a divine slice of sensual Progressive.

Next up 'Her Eyes' dives down a deeper route in a rolling, growling bass heavy affair complete with airy plucks whilst 'Piazza' closes the EP with an atmospheric masterclass.

As ever, Dezza delivers an exceptionally accomplished EP with the brilliant 'Looking For / Her Eyes / Piazza'.

Artist: Dezza

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 20th October 2017

  1. Dezza - Looking For (Extended Mix)
  2. Dezza - Looking For (Radio Edit)
  3. Dezza - Her Eyes (Extended Mix)
  4. Dezza - Her Eyes (Radio Edit)
  5. Dezza - Piazza (Extended Mix)
  6. Dezza - Piazza (Radio Edit)

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