A producer that's managed to repeatedly capture the ears of some of the most influential tastemakers & authorities within Dance music over the past few years, Matt Fax's unique consistency shines as a rare modern trait in an ever-reliable producer. Impressive as this is, at just 19, Matt Fax's potential knows no bounds. With accolades from major international press, DJs, streaming playlisters & radio curators constantly racking up, Matt takes the next step in his incredible journey with his debut album, 'Contrast'.

With the exception of previously released singles 'Amnesiac', 'Close 2 U' & the BBC Radio 1 supported 'Aura Lusia', Matt Fax's first ever LP sees a collection of completely unheard & forward-thinking productions collated over the past 2 years. Remaining distinctly Matt Fax - 'Contrast' effortlessly flows through seamless peaks & troughs firmly seated in Matt Fax's Progressive roots.

From the atmospheric & experimental like opener 'Aeolis Mons I', 'Kinetic' & 'Landside' to more familiar driving Progressive House works like the engrossing 'Synopia' & 'Amnesiac', where Matt's club-oriented prowess particularly stands out, 'Contrast' delivers a truly diverse collection of technically brilliant, authentic Matt Fax productions.

Also featuring an impressive collection of vocal collaborators in a host of exceptionally distinctive tracks; Krysta Youngs stars in the infectious 'The Chase', Tania Zygar's mesmerising vocals feature on the euphoric 'Everything' whilst Canadian songstress Laurell delivers a stunning topline over the airy 'Hide'.

Closing with the sensationally crisp 'Firelight/Shadow Camp', 'Contrast' ends with an undeniable air of optimism whilst raising the curtain on the next stage of Matt Fax's inspiring rise.

Artist: Matt Fax

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 6th October 2017

  1. Matt Fax - Aeolis Mons I (Original Mix)
  2. Matt Fax feat. Krysta Youngs - The Chase (Original Mix)
  3. Matt Fax - Kinetic (Original Mix)
  4. Matt Fax feat. Mike Schmid - Close 2 U (Original Mix)
  5. Matt Fax - Symmetry (Original Mix)
  6. Matt Fax feat. Tania Zygar - Everything (Original Mix)
  7. Matt Fax - Aura Lusia (Original Mix)
  8. Matt Fax - Synopia (Original Mix)
  9. Matt Fax - Over The Edge (Pt. II) (Original Mix)
  10. Matt Fax feat. Laurell - Hide (Original Mix)
  11. Matt Fax - Amnesiac (Original Mix)
  12. Matt Fax - Landside (Original Mix)
  13. Matt Fax - Firelight/Shadow Camp (Original Mix)

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