All Alone



British producer Anki returns to Enhanced alongside Micah Martin, in a fresh helping of the Bristol-based producer's exceptionally innovative creations, 'All Alone'.

Becoming an increasingly popular name thanks to his forward-thinking tracks, 'All Alone' delivers more of Anki's beloved, vocal-driven sound. Featuring Micah Martin, who featured on Anki's debut album track 'Left To Pay', 'All Alone' combines Micah's tough yet melodic vocal delivery around Anki's typically electro-infused sound in a feel-good, warming production filled with heavy bass notes, glitchy FX and glowing synths.

Another exceptional Anki production comes to Enhanced in the infectious 'All Alone'.

Artist: Anki feat. Micah Martin

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 13th October 2017

  1. Anki feat. Micah Martin - All Alone (Extended Mix)

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All Alone