Yellow Brick Road



Responsible for some of the most forward-thinking reworks, covers and remixes of late, Xavi & XOVOX come to Enhanced for the first time in a subtle, smoothly flowing Original alongside the delicate vocals of Olivia in 'Yellow Brick Road'.

Beautiful piano chords softly layered under Olivia's raw, penetrating vocals results in an exceptionally emotive Original displaying Xavi, XOVOX & Olivia's effortless artistry at its best.

An exciting trio making their mark, we welcome Xavi, XOVOX & Olivia to Enhanced with 'Yellow Brick Road'.

Artist: Xavi, XOVOX feat. Olivia

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 8th September 2017

  1. Xavi, XOVOX feat. Olivia - Yellow Brick Road (Extended Mix)

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Yellow Brick Road