One Love



Russian trio WildOnes return to Enhanced with a brand new production that sees the consistent team-up bringing their infectious, melodic & vocal edge once again delivering a sensationally uplifting Original - this is 'One Love'.

Now renowned within the label for their knack for impressively catchy vocal releases, WildOnes' latest 'One Love' sees the trio combining with new name Milana May in a subtle, gently flowing Dance hit showcasing WildOnes' contagious melodic sound.

Firmly following in the footsteps of 'You Dancing' & 'Nobody But You', WildOnes triumphantly return to Enhanced with the brilliant 'One Love'.

Artist: WildOnes, Milana May

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 11th August 2017

  1. WildOnes, Milana May - One Love (Extended Mix)

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One Love