You & I / Departure / Hanna



Ukrainian atmospheric maestro Tencode brings his warming sound to Colorize for the first in a stunning 3-track debut EP.

Combining both an impressive melodic streak with sublime atmospherics & sound design, Tencode's Colorize catalogue opens with the sensational 'You & I' - a sublime journey through gently grooving builds and smooth chord play.

Moving into 'Departure' Tencode's debut EP proves a collection of standout underground gems. 'Departure' brings a crisp, FX-filled builder whilst the closing 'Hanna' ties off the EP with a chunky percussive effort showcasing Tencode's rounded production capabilities.

One seriously impressive debut EP, Tencode opens his Colorize account with a stunning collection.

Artist: Tencode

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 11th August 2017

  1. Tencode - You & I (Extended Mix)
  2. Tencode - You & I (Radio Edit)
  3. Tencode - Departure (Extended Mix)
  4. Tencode - Departure (Radio Edit)
  5. Tencode - Hanna (Extended Mix)
  6. Tencode - Hanna (Radio Edit)

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You & I / Departure / Hanna