I Can't Stop It



Colorize label-favourite Andrew Benson returns with another highly anticipated vocal release, this time teaming up with Fynn to deliver the infectious 'I Can't Stop it'.

Immediately recognisable as an Andrew Benson belter thanks to its cavernous atmospherics & low-end, coupled with Fynn's engrossing vocals, Andrew's mature sound delivers another exceptional piece of stylish House.

Proving an appropriate metaphor for Andrew Benson's relentless ability to create stand-out productions, 'I Can't Stop it' delivers another bonafide Andrew Benson hit on Colorize.

Artist: Andrew Benson feat. Fynn

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 23rd June 2017

  1. Andrew Benson feat. Fynn - I Can't Stop It (Extended Mix)
  2. Andrew Benson feat. Fynn - I Can't Stop It (Radio Edit)

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I Can't Stop It