Winter Trance 2011



Warm yourself up this winter with 20 of the biggest current Trancers that are doing dance floor damage in the sets of the world's biggest DJs!

Massive releases from the likes of Arty, Lange, Tritonal, Gareth Emery and more means every one of these tracks is dynamite, making this quite simply the essential DJ friendly compilation to have this winter, as every track is in its full length glory!

Essential Trance for your collection!

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 12th December 2011

  1. Lange ft. Jennifer Karr - Songless (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)
  2. Adam Szabo - Arcade (Willem de Roo Remix)
  3. Tritonal feat. Jenry R - Something New (Club Mix)
  4. Estiva - I Feel Fine (Estiva 'Perfect Ten' Remix)
  5. Broning - Solaris (Original Mix)
  6. Juventa - As You Are (Original Mix)
  7. Lange - Reflections (Lange 2011 Rework)
  8. Arty feat. Tania Zygar - The Wall (Arty Remode Mix)
  9. Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel - Falling (Schodt's 'M1dn1t3' Mix)
  10. Sunleed - Rasalhague (Original Mix)
  11. Sonic Element - Amenity (Original Melodic Mix)
  12. Matt Bukovski - Inspired (Original Mix)
  13. Temple One feat. Neev Kennedy - Love The Fear (Original Mix)
  14. Logic Stories - Nicole (Original Mix)
  15. Mike Danis - For You (Juventa Club Mix)
  16. Estiva - Strawberry Fields (Estiva 'Perfect Ten' Intro Mix)
  17. Temple One - World Beyond (Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha Remix)
  18. Steve Brian - La Gomera (Cressida Remix)
  19. Emery & Kirsch - Lose Yourself (Tritonal Air Up There Remix)
  20. Eximinds - Afterlight (Original Mix)

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