Ibiza Trance 2017



Enhanced Music’s annual Trance compilation series returns this Summer, highlighting some of the most popular Trance talents to emerge so far this year ahead of the sun-soaked clubbing season in Ibiza - This is 'Ibiza Trance 2017'.

Featuring Enhanced Progressive's house-hold names; Alex Klingle, Axis, Rodrigo Deem, Daun Giventi, Emme + more, as well as Always Alive Recordings and DS-R favourites such as Fabio XB, Amir Hussain, Temple One, Steve Allen, Suncatcher, Frank Waanders and Daniel Kandi amongst others - showcasing a varied selection of all things Trance.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 19th May 2017

  1. Rodrigo Deem - Ventara (Extended Mix)
  2. Axis - Echoes (Extended Mix)
  3. Fabio XB pres. Liuck feat. Eric Lumiere - More To Life (Luke Bond Remix)
  4. Temple One - Maverick (Extended Mix)
  5. Ronski Speed feat. Linnea Schossow - Set Me To Light (Amir Hussain Remix)
  6. Steve Allen - Horus (Extended Mix)
  7. Lucas Deyong - Bruxa (Extended Mix)
  8. Daniel Kandi & Dreamy - Match Made In Heaven (Extended Mix)
  9. Rodrigo Deem feat. KARRA - You Said It All (Extended Mix)
  10. Suncatcher - The Beach (Extended Mix)
  11. Axis - Over You (Extended Mix)
  12. Daun Giventi - Echodrome (Extended Mix)
  13. Emme - Bora Bora (Extended Mix)
  14. Naoufal Lamrani - Night0wl (Extended Mix)
  15. Frank Waanders & Maglev - Trazzard (Progressive Extended Mix)
  16. Mohammed Khalila - Stardust (Extended Mix)
  17. Loutaa - A Better Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
  18. Sam Laxton - Decadence (Extended Mix)
  19. Ciaran McAuley - Tears (Extended Mix)
  20. Alex Klingle - Remember When (Extended Mix)

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