Bluecode / Membrane



Brazilian producer Andre Sobota is no stranger to some of the bigger names across the Trance & Progressive realms, with a reputation for crafting some of the finest melodic Progressive tracks over the past few years, Andre brings his sound to Colorize for the first time with a sublime 2-track EP 'Bluecode / Membrane'.

Opening with 'Bluecode' Andre Sobota's renowned, attentive production style bears a lush, grooving melodic opener full of soothing chords, crisp percussions and driving groove.

Tying up his debut EP on the label with 'Membrane' Andre's drifts into deeper territory with a chugging bassline-heavy roller retaining his well-documented melodic touch whilst adding fantastically layered atmospherics and FX to stylishly bring the EP to a close.

Artist: André Sobota

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 19th May 2017

  1. André Sobota - Bluecode (Extended Mix)
  2. André Sobota - Membrane (Extended Mix)

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