Will Be Friends



Having both featured on Enhanced Progressive several times, D-Mad and Eximinds now team up for this hot collaboration Will Be Friends.

Techy percussion and a deep, rolling bassline are matched up with atmospheric pads and delicate melodies, whilst some angelic vocal chops add another dimension to the production.

Eximinds rework the track with a fresh mix of their own, taking the track in a more melodic direction, whilst Andrew Rayel turns out a bassline driven monster of a remix!

Artist: D-Mad & Eximinds

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 19th December 2011

  1. D-Mad & Eximinds - Will Be Friends (Original Mix)
  2. D-Mad & Eximinds - Will Be Friends (Eximinds Remix)
  3. D-Mad & Eximinds - Will Be Friends (Andrew Rayel Remix)

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Will Be Friends