Repeater / Space Dust



A producer & DJ who's received consistent support from seminal artists over the course of his career and having toured internationally for several years, Estiva brings his invigorating Progressive sound to Colorize for the first time with a spine-tingling two-track EP, 'Repeater / Space Dust'.

Opening with the ominous 'Repeater', Estiva's unique, atmospheric style ebbs, flows & builds into a energised, Progressive masterpiece full of stimulating FX, percussion and chunky pads.

Tying off his debut Colorize release with the expansive 'Space Dust', Estiva once again displays his unmatched ability to create effortlessly building Progressive works, rolling through encompassing atmospherics, epic melodic chords and driving FX.

'Repeater / Space Dust' showcases Estiva's mature sound at its uniquely intriguing best whilst simultaneously opening his Colorize catalogue - we warmly welcome the Dutchman to the label with 'Repeater / Space Dust'.

Artist: Estiva

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 21st April 2017

  1. Estiva - Repeater (Extended Mix)
  2. Estiva - Repeater (Radio Edit)
  3. Estiva - Space Dust (Extended Mix)
  4. Estiva - Space Dust (Radio Edit)

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