Find Your Love



A duo combining both a classicly-trained jazz vocalist and a career-producer with a joint penchant for that classic House groove - Vanrip have been responsible for some of modern House music's most diverse & distinct flavours. Recently their 'Music Sounds Better With You' took Spotify's playlists by storm and continues to rack up extensive DJ support, here with the follow up, 'Find Your Love' delivers another infectious Vanrip production.

An unmistakable Vanrip track thanks to its lively chord plucks, chunky bass and crisp piano notes, 'Find Your Love' brings out another bonafide Vanrip hit fusing classic House sensibilities with renewed techniques in a rolling feel-good 4/4 hit.

Artist: Vanrip

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 10th March 2017

  1. Vanrip - Find Your Love (Extended Mix)

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