Existence / Mirrors



Russian producer Clameres returns to Colorize with 2 new productions that bring the artist's inimitable style back to the label - this is 'Existence / Mirrors'.

Deep, atmospheric and uniquely grooving, 'Existence' sees Clameres' sublime sound deliver another masterpiece. An effortless piece of Clameres gold and filled with all the Progressive elements Colorize fans will love.

Tying up the EP with 'Mirrors', Clameres offers another unique slice of brilliant instrument-crafted bliss - smooth and grooving with elegant touches and FX throughout.

Clameres returns to Colorize with a fresh, exceptionally crafted dose of his signature sound with 'Existence / Mirrors'.

Artist: Clameres

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 3rd February 2017

  1. Clameres - Existence (Extended Mix)
  2. Clameres - Mirrors (Extended Mix)

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