Colors Back (Remixes)



'Colors Back' saw Canadian producer Alex Klingle return to Enhanced Progressive with a fresh, intricately crafted production continuing Alex's impressive collection on the label - bringing 'Colors Back' to life again, four exciting Remixers switch up Alex's Original into a diverse range of new productions...

Opening up the release, Marcus Santoro takes on 'Colors Back' next with a lush, chord-heavy arrangement delivering Marcus' impeccable atmospherics and pads to forge a Remix exploring new avenues within the Progressive Trance realm.

French-man Matt Fax delivers a typically Progressive-tinged downtempo Remix displaying the young producer's ear for the innovative and lush in a building epic playing on Alex Klingle's technical approach.

Brazilian upstart Urbandawn brings his increasingly beloved, crunchy Liquid Drum & Bass sound to 'Colors Back' with a smooth, flowing Remix whilst Alex's fellow Canadian Clear Skys closes out the Remixes with a stripped back, gritty slice of Electronica.

Finishing the release is Alex's highly sought after 'Instrumental' mix, which saw consistent support from Above & Beyond to tie off an extremely diverse pack.

Alex Klingle's brilliant 'Colors Back' returns in four unique new versions, plus the prized Instrumental.

Artist: Alex Klingle

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 16th December 2016

  1. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Marcus Santoro Remix)
  2. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Matt Fax Remix)
  3. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Urbandawn Remix)
  4. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Clear Skys Remix)
  5. Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Instrumental Mix)

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