So Long



Bringing his beloved sound back to Enhanced Progressive, Wrechiski teams up with fellow Brazilian Danilo Ercole to supply a ferocious new entry into the catalogue, 'So Long'.

With a string of recent releases on pivotal labels Danilo Ercole's tougher sound compliments Wrechiski's Trance edge in a blissful merging between the two styles. 'So Long' balances between rough and chugging Progressive and delicate, uplifting euphoria effortlessly.

Retaining an extremely distinct Wrechiski flavour whilst throwing in some bumpy Danilo Ercole elements, 'So Long' emerges as a brilliantly complimentary collab for the two South Americans.

Artist: Wrechiski & Danilo Ercole

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 11th November 2016

  1. Wrechiski & Danilo Ercole - So Long (Extended Mix)

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So Long