Saturn / Dimensions



Enhanced Progressive's very own Lycii returns to the label alongside fellow US producer Declan James in an excellent debut collaborative EP 'Saturn / Dimensions'.

More familiar releasing with Joe Lyons, Lycii brings a fresh face in the form of label debutant Declan James and opens the EP with the stellar 'Saturn'. Featuring Lycii's trademark lush soundscapes, 'Saturn' introduces an eloquent, beautifully arranged entry into the Enhanced Progressive catalogue beefed up with gritty, tech FX and rolling synth work.

Rounding off the EP with 'Dimensions' Lycii & Declan James bring a rumbling, taut production dancing around another sublime, dreamy mid-section building into an atmospheric, encompassing final track on this immersive EP.

Artist: Lycii & Declan James

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 28th October 2016

  1. Lycii & Declan James - Saturn (Extended Mix)
  2. Lycii & Declan James - Dimensions (Extended Mix)

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Saturn / Dimensions