The Red Nebula



Russian duo Stargliders come to Enhanced Progressive in their debut release on the label, with the brilliant 'The Red Nebula'.

Proving the Russian Progressive scene is still well and truly alive & kicking, 'The Red Nebula' introduces Stargliders to the Enhanced Progressive faithful with an instantly recognisable, creative production standing out thanks to some truly unique piano chord-play. Surrounded by lush, grooving atmospherics and harmonies, 'The Red Nebula' completes an intriguing debut on the label from Stargliders.

Switching up the Progressive cookie-cutter sound with an unprecedented Original, welcome Stargliders to Enhanced Progressive with 'The Red Nebula'.

Artist: Stargliders

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 19th August 2016

  1. Stargliders - The Red Nebula (Extended Mix)

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The Red Nebula