Taking The Risk / Neon Angel



Introducing two new names to the Colorize faithful, Monojoke & Tuxedo announce themselves onto the imprint with a stunning two-track EP filled with Balearic vibes.

Kicking off with 'Taking The Risk' the Polish-duo craft an effortless, grooving, sun-kissed introduction complete with tribal drums, cosmic, flowing FX and perfectly moving atmospherics throughout. For their debut on Colorize, 'Taking The Risk' introduces Monojoke & Tuxedo's Deep, Progressive style in full effect.

Moving into 'Neon Angel' Monojoke & Tuxedo keep things airy and retain their Balearic sound whilst moving into darker territory. Uplifting yet deep, 'Neon Angel' is a fully-engrossing journey through Monojoke & Tuxedo's perfectly relaxing style.

Two new names to Colorize, but proving themselves perfectly suited, we welcome Monojoke & Tuxedo with their stand-out debut EP 'Taking The Risk / Neon Angel'.

Artist: Monojoke & Tuxedo

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 12th August 2016

  1. Monojoke & Tuxedo - Taking The Risk (Extended Mix)
  2. Monojoke & Tuxedo - Taking The Risk (Radio Edit)
  3. Monojoke & Tuxedo - Neon Angel (Extended Mix)
  4. Monojoke & Tuxedo - Neon Angel (Radio Edit)

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Taking The Risk / Neon Angel