Need U / Pure Love



Canadian producer Dezza makes a return to the Colorize imprint with a beautifully deep 2-track EP 'Need U / Pure Love'.

Becoming increasingly prevalent within the Deep/Progressive scene's thanks to a number of stellar releases, Dezza brings his sublime, atmospheric sound back to Colorize. Opening with 'Need U', Dezza forms remarkable depth around a rippling, cosmic lead and drifting vocals to create an incredibly warm groover to open the EP.

Closing the EP with 'Pure Love' Dezza crafts an equally atmospheric journey filled with cavernous synth leads, cosmic FX and crisp pads in a effortlessly grooving finale to an overall superbly polished EP.

We warmly welcome Dezza back with another excellent EP, this is 'Need U / Pure Love'.

Artist: Dezza

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 1st July 2016

  1. Dezza - Need U (Extended Mix)
  2. Dezza - Need U (Radio Edit)
  3. Dezza - Pure Love (Extended Mix)
  4. Dezza - Pure Love (Radio Edit)

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