Broken Souls



Two of Enhanced's most exciting talents combine in an unprecedented coming together showcasing both the melodic expertise of APEK & Shanahan's tightly-produced style in the infectiously catchy 'Broken Souls'.

Representing their increasingly popular, signature vocal sound, APEK & Shanahan's collaborative effort draws on Andrew Jackson's soft, gliding voice sprinkled over the top of a beautifully crafted, grooving Progressive House production. Highlighting both APEK's ear for smooth, glitchy harmonies and Shanahan's equally adept ability at creating polished soundscapes results in a supremely satisfying Summer-influenced vocal anthem.

Artist: APEK & Shanahan feat. Andrew Jackson

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 17th June 2016

  1. APEK & Shanahan feat. Andrew Jackson - Broken Souls (Extended Mix)

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Broken Souls