Careless / Huntdown



French-man Matt Fax returns to Colorize with a fresh, rousing 2-track EP showcasing the increasingly popular young producer's immaculately precise, atmospheric style.

Kicking off with the upbeat 'Careless', Matt's gorgeous, lush style encapsulates a blissfully grooving Progressive arrangement full of subtly rippling chords, chopped vocal samples and plenty of Matt's trademark unbeatable atmosphere to tie up another immense journey from start to finish.

Completing the EP with 'Huntdown', Matt takes the release in a glitchy, gritty direction bringing delicate piano chords alongside feather-light atmospheric touches before dropping into a full-on grooving & techy number whilst still retaining Matt's measured, elegant approach to brilliantly smooth off the EP.

Matt Fax is back on Colorize with his latest coupling of perfectly matched, atmospheric productions with 'Careless / Huntdown'.

Artist: Matt Fax

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 20th May 2016

  1. Matt Fax - Careless (Extended Mix)
  2. Matt Fax - Careless (Radio Edit)
  3. Matt Fax - Huntdown (Extended Mix)
  4. Matt Fax - Huntdown (Radio Edit)

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