Garden State



One of Colorize's most talented assets Andrew Benson returns to the label alongside Hexlogic in the gorgeously smooth and grooving 'Garden State'.

Lush & atmospheric 'Garden State' provides yet another beautifully polished Andrew Benson production to the Colorize catalogue, incorporating Ukrainian Hexlogic's warm progressive notes, 'Garden State' is an inquisitive journey through swelling FX, rippling chords and delicate leads.

A truly beautiful creation from Andrew Benson & Hexlogic and as lush as its name suggests, this is 'Garden State'.

Artist: Andrew Benson & Hexlogic

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 22nd April 2016

  1. Andrew Benson & Hexlogic - Garden State (Extended Mix)
  2. Andrew Benson & Hexlogic - Garden State (Radio Edit)

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Garden State