Can't Get Enough



With their recent hit 'Steal Your Heart' surpassing 3 million streams on Spotify, American duo BRKLYN return to Enhanced Recordings alongside the impeccable vocal talents of Mariah McManus in 'Can't Get Enough'.

Becoming known for their electro-come-acoustic style, BRKLYN once again put together an immaculately built journey cascading through subtle guitar leads, crunching pads and hair-raising vocals to form an all-encompassing, atmospheric masterpiece once again showcasing BRKLYN's knack for marrying addictive melodies and spine-tingling vocals in perfect harmony.

Laying claim to some overwhelming praise of late, BRKLYN are back on Enhanced with their latest slice of uniquely pleasing Progressive House.

Artist: BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 1st April 2016

  1. BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus - Can't Get Enough feat. Mariah McManus (Radio Edit)

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