Memory Lane EP



Australian producer Barzek brings his thoughtful brand of Progressive to Colorize for the first time with a debut EP bursting with warm, building vibes in an impressive 3-track display, the 'Memory Lane EP'.

Opening with title track 'Memory Lane', Barzek sets the tone with a deep, mellow groover featuring rippling chords, rustling synths and attentive pads surrounding an encompassing soundscape throughout.

Effortlessly shifting into 'The Shore' Barzek's EP gently notches up a gear with a seamless merging of cosmic FX, soft instrumental touches and glowing, silky percussion dotted through.

Closing with 'Flare', Barzek shifts down into a moody, emotive number featuring bouncing chords, sweeping FX & wispy, surging leads to form an exquisitely reflective sign off to a remarkably polished EP from start to finish.

Proving to have a real ear for warm Progressive, Barzek's debut on Colorize serves up 3 incredibly succinct and mellow Original's proving why the Australian producer is hotly tipped amongst the Progressive community this year for his gorgeous, grooving style.

Artist: Barzek

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 11th March 2016

  1. Barzek - Memory Lane (Extended Mix)
  2. Barzek - Memory Lane (Radio Edit)
  3. Barzek - The Shore (Extended Mix)
  4. Barzek - The Shore (Radio Edit)
  5. Barzek - Flare (Extended Mix)
  6. Barzek - Flare (Radio Edit)

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