This Is Love



One of the prevailing commentaries on Tritonal has always been Chad & Dave's high-energy enthusiasm for whatever they've set their minds to, for the past decade that's been ever-present in the relentless dedication to their musical craft. Appropriately titled then for a duo consistently embodying the passion enthused in dance music globally, 'This Is Love’ brings Tritonal’s signature sound back to the forefront of the Progressive House scene.

Fusing their distinctive melodic style with two fellow US producers in Chris Ramos and Enhanced regular Shanahan, 'This Is Love' sees Tritonal back to a more familiar sound after the cascading success of their recent 808-influenced single, 'Blackout'. Proving their melodic roots are as firm as ever, 'This Is Love' is a remarkably layered, building journey through dancing synth leads, taut bass and grooving melodies perfectly displaying Tritonal's instantly recognisable anthemic energy whilst Chris Ramos & Shanahan's respective styles add a distinctive edge.

Proving to be a worthy entry into the ever-expanding Tritonal catalogue, ‘This Is Love’ serves up a light-hearted collaboration exploring Tritonal’s exuberant style.

Artist: Tritonal, Chris Ramos & Shanahan

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 26th February 2016

  1. Tritonal, Chris Ramos & Shanahan - This Is Love (Radio Edit)

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