Give It A Try



Colorize warmly welcomes Andrew Benson back to the label with the Russian producer's first release of 2016 alongside fellow countryman Grafter.

Supplying a gorgeous, lush Deep House groove, 'Give It A Try' seamlessly combines the two producer's unique styles. Andrew Benson's depth and atmospheric touch is ever-present whilst Grafter's distinct touch adds superbly merged dashes of lifting melodies and FX. Rolling along with a low & tricked out vocal sample, 'Give It A Try' forms a constantly evolving, warm and grooving track bringing Andrew Benson's renowned sound back to the label once again.

Simply titled yet appropriately enticing and warm, 'Give It A Try' sees one of Colorize's most consistent talents back with another belter.

Artist: Andrew Benson & Grafter

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 19th February 2016

  1. Andrew Benson & Grafter - Give It A Try (Extended Mix)
  2. Andrew Benson & Grafter - Give It A Try (Radio Edit)

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Give It A Try