Enhanced Mainstage Anthems



Enhanced Music compiles a plentiful batch of the label's most sought after current and future records, those of which have been experienced on dance festival Mainstages worldwide.

Featuring artists such as Tritonal, Lush & Simon, Ryos, Thomas Hayes, Estiva, Juventa, APEK, WildOnes, BRKLYN, Codeko, Noah Neiman, Speed Limits, Wrechiski and Reunify to name a few - this playlist provides a concrete collection of high-quality tracks whilst doubling as a barometer for the future stars of 2015.

Transporting you directly under those lights and amongst thousands of clubbers, with a comprehensive catalogue of ultimate Mainstage Anthems, on Enhanced.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 15th January 2016

  1. Tritonal & Juventa feat. Micky Blue - Lost (Radio Mix)
  2. Thomas Hayes feat. Kyler England - Golden (Radio Mix)
  3. BRKLYN feat. Lenachka - Steal Your Heart (Breathe Carolina Radio Mix)
  4. Tritonal - Anchor (Lush & Simon Remix)
  5. Wrechiski - Signus (Radio Mix)
  6. WildOnes feat. David Julien - You Dancing (ANG Radio Mix)
  7. Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (Radio Mix)
  8. Juventa feat. Aloma Steele - Euphoria (Winterborn) (Radio Mix)
  9. APEK feat. Linney - Voices (Radio Mix)
  10. Noah Neiman feat. Anna Yvette - Eyes To The Sky (Radio Mix)
  11. Thomas Hayes feat. Joni Fatora - Neon (Alluvion) (Radio Mix)
  12. Codeko - Crusader (Radio Mix)
  13. Jenaux feat. Pia Toscano - Renegades (Shanahan Remix)
  14. Noah Neiman feat. Mike Schmid - Follow (Radio Mix)
  15. Rodrigo Deem - Belvedere (Radio Mix)
  16. Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora - Palm Of Your Hand (Aerosoul Remix)
  17. Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet - Superhuman (Willem de Roo Remix)
  18. Ryos feat. Allisa Rose - Eclipse (Radio Mix)
  19. Reunify feat. Yoshi Breen & Sanne Mus - Gold (Radio Mix)
  20. Estiva - Let It Go (Radio Mix)

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