Enhanced Chill, Vol. 3



One of Enhanced's most popular compilation series is back - 'Enhanced Chill, Volume Three' brings another selection of sublime, stripped-back and soothing originals and remixes from the label's extensive array of inspiring talent.

Boasting the versatile talents of producers like Juventa, Jenaux, Estiva, LTN, Noah Neiman, WRLD, BRKLYN, and many more, 'Enhanced Chill, Volume Three' offers a beautifully diverse collection of alternative, acoutsic and genre-defying electronic productions such as German producer Bissen's percussive 'Providence', Suncatcher's atmospheric 'Delude' and Farid's moody yet grooving 'Illusionary'. Whilst also compiling an impressive miscellanea of creative remixes of stand-out Enhanced releases of late, Noah Neiman takes Jenaux & Pia Toscano's 'Renegades' through a impeccably inventive Future House-tinged downtempo Remix, which sits alongside C-Systems heartfelt acoustic rework of Estiva, Skouners & Delaney Jane's 'Playing With Fire' and WRLD's leftfield Remix of Aruna's 'The End' to name a few.

Sit back, relax and lose yourself with the third instalment of Enhanced's famed Chill series.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 30th October 2015

  1. Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (C-Systems Acoustic Rework)
  2. Suncatcher - Delude (Original Mix)
  3. Matt Fax - Shift (Asleep Version)
  4. Diversion - Perfect Pleasure (Chill Out Mix)
  5. Farid - Illusionary (Original Mix)
  6. Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet - Superhuman (Alternative Mix)
  7. BRKLYN feat. Lenachka - Steal Your Heart (Unplugged Version)
  8. Cannavo & Nesse - Apollo (Chill Out Mix)
  9. LTN feat. Adara - Outside The Lines (Reimagined Mix)
  10. Cold Rush & Mhammed El Alami - Seshego (Chill Out Mix)
  11. Ferry Tayle - The Wizard (Album Outro Mix)
  12. Madwave vs Plastic Angel - Ritual (Estelle) (Chill Out Mix)
  13. LTN & Kokai feat. Ai Takekawa - Just Another Man (Album Mix)
  14. Exostate - Without Warning (Chill Out Mix)
  15. Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy - The One I'll Never Be (Album Mix)
  16. Juventa - Life Starts With The Beating Of A Heart (Original Mix)
  17. Bissen - Providence (Original Mix)
  18. Suncatcher - Love Suffers Long (Original Mix)
  19. Tom8 - Supernova (Tom8 Chill Out Mix)
  20. Jay FM - Picture Of You (Original Mix)
  21. LTN & Anushka Desai - Dreams Of Maya (Album Mix)
  22. Aruna - The End (WRLD Remix)
  23. Jenaux feat. Pia Toscano - Renegades (Noah Neiman Remix)
  24. Aruna - Start A Fire (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
  25. Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (LTN Sunrise Radio Mix)

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