Digitally Enhanced Volume Four, Mixed by Will Holland



Mixmag "Album Of The Month" - "The Label that delivers tune after tune"

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A date met with equal amounts of anticipation and excitement, the annual release of Digitally Enhanced is now a key event in the calendar for any discerning trance fan. After 3 critically acclaimed volumes Will Holland is back with the fourth instalment, already crowned Album Of The Month by the world's biggest dance music publication, Mixmag - making it an impressive four in a row for this essential release series and a true testament to the quality of Enhanced.

2010 was without question a gala year for Enhanced, with Volume Three providing the launch pad for what was to come, and Volume Four looks to mirror that with 29 stand out tracks, of which 26 are unreleased and all - as always are from Enhanced's group of labels. Primarily based on the forthcoming releases of Enhanced Recordings and Enhanced Progressive, Will has carefully selected a handful of standout productions from the label groups ever expanding imprints, making this an even more mouth watering prospect.

Disc One focuses on the progressive tip, and opens with fresh material from the likes of Enhanced Progressive's leading lights Arty, Audien and JPL, along with fresh recruits Schodt and Willem de Roo. As the disc progresses to a techier territory, future hits and remixes from Estiva, Tritonal, LTN, Lang & Yep and Adam Nickey under his new Nickey guise turn up the heat to boiling point, whilst Mat Zo, Alexander Popov and Maor Levi deliver some of the best remixes you're likely to hear all year.

Opening the second disc with his colossal new production Start Again, Will delivers a disc packed with future classics with a sound synonymous with Enhanced. Exclusive album material from Estiva in the form of Next Level and Better Days, complete with a breathtaking vocal performance from Josie follow, as do glorious new instrumental productions from Enhanced's uplifting stars, Suncatcher, Ferry Tayle, Juventa, Temple One and Sequentia. Further anthemic outings from other key members of Enhanced's A-Team Daniel Kandi, Phillip Alpha, Right Face and Stonevalley make this a truly memorable fourth outing in this much lauded series.

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Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 28th March 2011

  1. Arty feat. Tania Zygar - The Wall (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  2. Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel - Falling ((Schodt's M1dn1t3 Mix) (Short Edit))
  3. JPL - A Better Daze (Audien Remix)
  4. Alex Pich - Heavens (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  5. Arty - Bright Days (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  6. Willem de Roo & Juventa - Road To Redemption (Club Mix (Short Edit))
  7. Ferry Tayle feat. Hannah Ray - Memory Of Me (Estiva Remix (Short Edit))
  8. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
  9. Nickey - If I Could (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  10. Lang & Yep feat. Manon Polare - Nevertheless (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  11. LTN - Forbidden Zone (Alexander Popov Remix (Short Edit))
  12. Norin & Rad Vs. Recurve - The Gift (Original Mix)
  13. Ad Brown feat. Kerry Leva - Memorial (You Were Loved) (Maor Levi Club Mix)
  14. Tritonal feat. Meredith Call - Broken Down (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  15. Will Holland - Digitally Enhanced Volume Four, Disc One (Continuous DJ Mix)
  16. Will Holland feat. Jeza - Start Again (Original Intro Mix)
  17. Estiva feat. Josie - Better Days (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  18. Estiva - Next Level (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  19. Temple One - Zebra (Nuera Remix (Short Edit))
  20. Juventa - Gone With The Wind (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  21. Suncatcher & Mihai M pres. Starshifters - Phobia (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  22. Adam Nickey pres. Blue 8 - Livia (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  23. Sequentia - Flashback (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  24. Adam Szabo - Serano (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  25. Stonevalley - Meditation (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  26. Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha - Don't Fix It (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  27. Ferry Tayle - The Glorious Deception (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  28. Agulo feat. David Berkeley - Fire Sign (Suncatcher Remix (Short Edit))
  29. Right Face - Deep Impression (Adam Nickey Remix (Short Edit))
  30. Daniel Kandi pres. 147 - Insert Generic Title (Original Mix (Short Edit))
  31. Will Holland - Digitally Enhanced Volume Four, Disc Two (Continuous DJ Mix)

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