Better Day EP



As we leave those bitter Winter mornings behind us, Russian Samio Rox delivers a delectable variety of elegant house in his first EP on Colorize.

Kicking off with the atmospheric & grooving 'Better Day', Samio Rox introduces himself to Colorize with impressively lush FX, resonate pads and deft tribal elements which effortlessly leads into the bouncing groove of 'I Watch You'.

Rounding off his debut release on Colorize, Samio Rox closes with the haunting 'Miracle' to finish a mature and wholly satisfying EP which marks Samio as a producer to watch.

Artist: Samio Rox

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 16th March 2015

  1. Samio Rox - Better Day (Original Mix)
  2. Samio Rox - I Watch You (Original Mix)
  3. Samio Rox - Miracle (Original Mix)

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Better Day EP