Analog Kicks / Technical Climb



Having already attracted the attention of Eric Prydz, New York native Cory Lasser brings his debut EP to Colorize.

With support from such a big name already, Cory Lasser's punchy brand of progressive house is a perfect fit for Colorize - bringing some elegant 80's synth play & deft progressive melodies, opening track 'Analog Kicks' gets the EP off to a flying start.

Rounding off his first Colorize foray with 'Technical Climb' Cory's ability as a talented producer shines through - warm pads, scintillating chords sealed with grooving atmospherics makes this a beautifully complete EP from start to finish.

An exciting debut for Cory Lasser on Colorize!

Artist: Cory Lasser

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 2nd March 2015

  1. Cory Lasser - Analog Kicks (Original Mix)
  2. Cory Lasser - Technical Climb (Original Mix)

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Analog Kicks / Technical Climb