A Thousand Words / Bente



It was impossible to miss the impact Juventa made in 2010 - coming out of the blue to cement his position as one of the scenes most promising, and prominent youngsters. Just 16, its fair to say he has a great career ahead of him.

Following his huge EP on Enhanced Progressive, the Dutchman moves back into more familiar ground on Enhanced Recordings with this peak time double header.

The majestic A Thousand Words, is everything we've come to expect from his peak time productions. With its warm pads, piano and synth lines building the atmosphere to the break, Jordin then introduces a glorious lead that simply glides above the solid production.

Bente, named after his girlfriend, ups the pace and is his most euphoric offering to date. Blistering beats and bassline create an awesome drive, whilst the breakbeat breakdown, uplifting chords and slick synths make this an absolute crowd pleaser.

Another memorable EP from Jordin "Juventa" Post!

Artist: Juventa

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 28th February 2011

  1. Juventa - A Thousand Words (Original Mix)
  2. Juventa - Bente (Original Mix)

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