Nightfall / Daybreak



Audien had a fantastic 2010 and is a name we back to make major waves over the next 12 months with his ultra-cool take on progressive trance.

His next release on Enhanced Progressive again shows why he's so highly regarded at such a young age, with the class and magical touch of someone far beyond his years. Teaming up with friend Griff O'Neill, the pair have created two wonderful productions - firstly the wonderfully groovy Nightfall. With its delightful vocal chops and retro sounding piano lines, this is a very classy, and understated production from the duo.

Daybreak heads to the more peak time of the progressive pigeonhole, with its huge synths and upbeat, uplifting bassline; making this a fantastic double header from Audien & Griff O'Neill to kick off 2011.

Artist: Audien & Griff O'Neill

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 31st January 2011

  1. Audien & Griff O'Neill - Nightfall (Original Mix)
  2. Audien & Griff O'Neill - Daybreak (Original Mix)

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Nightfall / Daybreak